Recent & Upcoming Programs

Upcoming programs:

Please note that the most recent update to ORDIV allows you to see if proposals are still being accepted or if cities have been finalized. Please keep in mind that NPAs must submit proposals for MRPs and RPs 60 days before the opening; proposals for SCPs are due 30 days before the project opening.

Accepting proposals for:

Project Type Country/Region Program Manager Start Date
Improving Trade Across Kazakhstan’s Border SCP Kazakhstan Katie Taam 7/10/2017
Preventing Trafficking Against People SCP Egypt Lillian Mattiaccio 7/17/2017
Urban Planning for Smart Cities SCP India Crystal Kelch 8/7/2017
The Pharmaceutical Industry SCP West Bank Jeana Lim 8/7/2017
Civil Society in Muslim Communities SCP Indonesia David Benack 8/14/2017
Rule of Law and Judicial Reform SCP Egypt Katie Taam 8/21/2017
Municipal Government Budget Management SCP Israel Lillian Mattiaccio 8/28/2017
State and Local Government MRP   Crystal Kelch 9/18/2017
Entrepreneurship as the Engine of Prosperity and Stability RP Europe Crystal Kelch 9/25/2017
Women and Entrepreneurship RP NEA Crystal Kelch 10/2/2017

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